September 24, 2023 | Rome, Italy
Rome, Megan K. Williams, Canadian in Rome, Italy, Alice Munro

Saving Rome

Megan K. Williams strikes all the right chords in her adroit collection of stories about life in Rome.

Amélie Nothomb, Peking, adolescence, Dacca

The Life of Hunger

Amélie-centric Nothomb gets no favors from a clunky translation in this fictional remembrance of days in then-Peking and Dacca.


Pussy Footing

"Goldfinger" is, well, a cat … A cat, I interrupted. My father was taking me to see a movie about a cat?

Luciano Moggi was at the center of an Italian soccer scandal involving Juventus of Turin.


While struggling to master the soccer scandal, I realized that seeking "facts" was misplaced.