May 30, 2023 | Rome, Italy

The Right Man

An intelligent, consummately decent man of untainted gifts, Claudio Cappon finally (and deservedly) has his old job back — leading RAI.


Independence Day

It’s not easy when your neighbor is the U.S. ambassador. People talk. Isn’t my apartment owned by the government? Isn’t my magazine financed by the CIA?

Marianne Williamson, inspiration, Rome

Marianne Williamson

"We're talking about a spiritual sensibility here, not religious dogma. A universal compassion has to do with consciousness..."


Corpse Envy

Death modeled as a sure thing is the most exciting pornography on the planet. Think Mussolini on the meat hook, loathed upside down in Milan.

soccer, John Molinaro, Paddy Agnew, Serie A, Italy

Paddy Agnew

"Italy is a culture where what goes on in public really matters, public perception matters..."



Violence, for worse, is a national growing pain — just ask the Civil War, or the Apache.